Adams Canyon, Utah

Ok I have read about Ansel Adams. Love his work and how he was one of the firsts.. His work in Yosemite leaves me in awe.... His work is simple yet magnificent! His style is really one of a kind. When I see this picture that is all I can think about. I do not try to mimic but to make my own using his way of seeing things..

When I was taking this picture it was busy, colors, twigs. When I look at it now its peaceful, quiet, it almost has a solace effect I might add. I love the clarity and the sharpness that this picture provides, the middle is sharp but then it fades off by the edges of the leaf. The circle of light which must be snow in the top right hand corner adds to the effect as well.

I had to crop this one, if you went more to the right there was a branch that was very out of focus. Great composition I think. I was looking for this shot, well for the whole hike. When the sunlight goes through leaves I think its amazing especially in B&W. Again the detail that was picked up is amazing. You can see all the little veins in the leaves. Shadows are a must.....