Devon & Karin

I have known these two since the start really, it was awesome to be be able to capture the love that these two posses for each other. When we started it was a little cloudy and some drops started but that obviously did not hinder anything at all. These are great friends and I am very happy to see them taking this step in their lives. Salt Lake City holds a lot of good places especially this location at the Anniversary house.
When coming back to review this particular photo, I am left In awe with what a simple person with a simple device can capture. These two are In Love I tell you. It almost has love written on it. I am so honored to have been able to do this, for it has opened my eyes to see what potential I have and will be able to gain. Thank you Devon and Karin for letting me be able to capture just a glimpse of your life. I never knew what I could do until now.

Hurray for Love